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Take Action Against - BILL 23 “Build More Homes Faster Act”

Doug Ford’s gift to developers under the guise of affordable housing

On October 25, 2022, Bill 23 was introduced and passed the first reading in the Ontario Legislature. If passed, it will make a number of very consequential changes to numerous planning and development statutes, including the Planning Act, the Heritage Act, the Development Charges Act, 1997, the Municipal Act, and the Conservation Authorities Act. One omnibus bill proposes sweeping changes to the land use approvals system by changing 9 different statutes and implementing a significant sewage infrastructure built through the Green Belt and Oak Ridges Moraine to service York and Durham regions.

These changes are a gift to developers and come at the expense of cultural, natural and built heritage, conservation, greenbelt, wetlands, farmland, and local planning input while putting the cost on to taxpayers. And there is little evidence there will be more housing faster and certainly not cheaper or more affordable.

We understand and support the need to build more homes in Ontario. However, in view of critical

competing priorities, we need the right kind of housing in the right places.

Take Action! Here's what you can do now.

1) Learn more about the significant impacts of Bill 23. OLRA has provided this submission to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy and this submission to the Heritage Branch, Citizenship, Inclusion and Heritage Division, Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism. There are dozens of submissions made by environmental groups, other residents' associations, and architectural and cultural heritage groups that you can find with a simple google search. You may also want to review Bill 23 online.

2) Write a letter. Below is a form letter you can copy, modify and make your own and send to some or all of the contacts below.

Letter submission
Download DOCX • 17KB

Recommended Contacts

3) Attend a protest event: Environmental Defence has compiled a list of events across Ontario - Hands Off The Greenbelt & Stop Bill 23 Days of Action. Of note - the Oakville event is at MPP Stephen Crawford's Office - Friday, Nov. 25th

As noted above, the OLRA Board has presented two submissions representing our concerns, with special consideration to heritage impacts. We encourage you to be informed on this situation and if you see fit, share your concerns with the key leaders noted above.


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