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Midtown Oakville - Update

You may know that plans for Midtown development in Oakville are perhaps some of the most impactful we have and will see. We discussed this at our recent AGM and would like to share some more information. Ben Sprawson is an architectural technologist in Oakville and has completed an analysis and opinion of the Midtown plans, very worth reading (links below). The following is an excerpt from information shared by our Ward 3 Councillors, Dave & Janet. Dave & Janet's full email is available here. After sending our latest newsletter we received further information from Ben and Jonathan Sprawson, which we share with you in this update. Ben has done a detailed analysis of the proposed Midtown Amendment in an effort to better understand Midtown and what the future may hold. We share his images below and a link to his website for his perspective. What is evident is that the possible proposed population far exceeds what was contemplated. Our goal remains to be transparent about the importance of this Official Plan amendment and the impact these land use permissions have on how Midtown is developed. Some have suggested that without growth nodes, the density of our local neighbourhood streets will have to double. Recent Provincial legislation has provided permission for the building of 3 units on each property as of right. We will be growing in each of growth nodes to achieve the Town wide population targets mandated by the Province. We have asked staff to provide what the current build out population will be in each of the growth nodes to ensure we have a complete view of how the Town will meet the Provincial targets. The Official Plan amendment must be realistic about the level of intensification 43 hectares of land can support. We understand the need to provide housing in an effort to help solve the housing crisis as detailed in our Housing Pledge Commitment to the province. We know we can achieve the Provincial growth targets for Midtown and make a positive contribution to the Town's overall population growth without the unintended consequences of over intensification.


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