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Benches at The Coach House (Updated)

Update - January 25th

We are pleased to inform you that at the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee Meeting today (January 25, 2025), the Town Staff withdrew their original Heritage Permit Application to approve the Brutish cement benches that were installed in Erchless Estate.

At the meeting, Town Staff submitted a new application to seek approval to remove and replace the 4 cement benches with the same style of bench that is used in the Historic Downtown Oakville area. This was approved unanimously by the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee. This now goes to the Oakville Planning & Development Committee meeting. We will keep an eye on that process. In addition, we understand the existing cement benches will be deployed elsewhere in Oakville.

We want to thank the Councillors, David Gittings, Cathy Duddeck, and Janet Haslett-Theall for all their hard work and support in getting to this result. And to the other Advisory Committee members who listened. The Advisory Committee heard from over 55 residents and from the OLRA itself, who made written submissions that were heard loud and clear! This is a great result that we as an Association should be very proud of! Well done everyone!”


Original Post - January 24th

We have received several comments and questions regarding the benches at the newly renovated Coach House on the Erchless Estate. Members and neighbours have raised concerns that the syle is not in keeping with the heritage district style.

The attached document was sent to the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee, representing our concerns.

OLRA Letter re Heritage Permit re Benches in Erchless v2
Download PDF • 159KB


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