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Brantwood School & Area Update

Commissioner Jane Clohecy provided the following update. Recently, we’ve received a number of public inquiries about the status of the former Brantwood School and I wanted to provide you with an update on Council’s direction regarding the sale of the property.

In 2017, Council directed staff to move ahead with a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the sale of this property that would be in keeping to the Council-approved concept plan that sees:

  • development of seven detached residential lots fronting onto Douglas Avenue

  • relocation of the playground to the corner of Douglas Avenue and Palmer Avenue

  • retention of the historic portion of Brantwood School, if feasible, for a residential conversion consisting of four to nine apartment units

At the conclusion of the RFP, Council did not accept the results of the RFP because they did not meet the town’s expectations for the site. Staff were directed to terminate the RFP and bring the property back to market at a later date.

Please reach out to Commissioner Clohecy with questions.