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Oakville Town Square Re-Development

Hope all are enjoying the beautiful summer. We do need to interrupt and draw your attention to the re-development of the Town Square at George Street and Lakeshore Road East. You will find all the information on what's happening here. The Town has presented some concepts that were developed by consultants here OLRA has some major concerns with these concepts (see below) and we need your input and assistance in order to get this right. The current Town Square has done a great job for the last 30 years and we need to make sure that the new version is up to the same standard and does not go in the wrong direction. Have your voice heard:

1) Drop by the tent in Town Square to view the design concepts and share your feedback:

  • Thursday, July 19 from 6 to 8 p.m.

  • Saturday, July 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

2) Complete the comment sheet linked here 3) E-mail comments to:

  • and me

IMPORTANT: The deadline for public consultation has been extended only until August 3rd. OLRA Comments and Concerns

  • The Town Square has served us beautifully for 30 years: We do not believe we need to re-invent the wheel. A refresh and some tweaks to the current version would be the best approach.

  • Grass: We see the central focus of the square to be the grass square where young children feel free to do cartwheels and role around, groups gather for morning yoga and people sit to watch movies and listen to music in the summertime. The grass should be maintained and possibly expanded.

  • Our Town Square is a small Town Square: As such, the design should reflect this. Drawing inspiration from grand Italian piazzas does not seem compatible.

  • The Town Square is square: Do we want to make it circular?

  • Connecting Downtown with the Lake: George Street has a sight line thru the Square from the Downtown to the lake and draws a connection between the two. It is an " allée" or pedestrian avenue and should be maintained as such.

  • Water feature: There is a lovely pond with spout on the wall of Seven and is nicely scaled for the Square. Any additional water feature should be scaled appropriately and kept to the perimeter, preferably on the north side of the square near the steps.

  • Steps: The steps are used as additional seating and therefore perform double duty. There also needs to be a ramp or slope as it exists today at the George Street section for accessibility

  • Trees: Some trees are needed to be included in the plan to provide some shade from the sun in the summer months.

  • Grading: The proposals call for lowering the square down to the level of the new Hexagon Restaurant and all the other restaurants would then have steps down to it. There would also be more steps down from Lakeshore Road. Here again we feel that the existing works perfectly well and should not be substantially changed other than minor tweaks and improvements.

We thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you with your comments. If you agree with some or all of our concerns above please echo them through one of the 3 feedback channels above. Best Regards, George Niblock President, Oakville Lakeside Resident's Association