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OLRA September News

Planning and Development Council Meeting - September 26th

Update courtesy of Allan Elgar, Ward 4 Regional and Town Councillor On September 26th Council will be considering three significant reports that will define the future growth of our community. Reports on Urban Structure and Cultural Heritage are town-wide and set the context that will guide Council decision-making on all growth matters. The Urban Structure report sets the vision on how the town will look in 100 years by defining what we protect, and where and how we grow. The Cultural Heritage report enhances the level of protection for cultural heritage in our Livable Oakville Official Plan.

The third report on the agenda has received the most attention from the community as it concerns the development application for Glen Abbey Golf Course. Planning staff has raised many issues regarding the proposed development plan and are recommending refusal of the application primarily based on the implications for our urban structure and cultural heritage. This is your chance to speak up and share your thoughts concerning the future of Glen Abbey Golf Course. If you intend to speak, it is preferred that you register as a delegation by emailing by noon the day of the meeting. The audience will also be polled at the meeting and given the opportunity to speak to Council.

Council will be making a decision regarding each of these reports following public delegations and discussion. It is possible that there could be appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board on any of these matters. If an individual or group wants to maintain their right to participate in a potential hearing on any of these matters, they must either make an oral submission at the September 26th meeting or submit their written feedback directly to the town clerk at More information can be obtained at Making submissions and preserving appeal rights.

Below please find the link to the meeting agenda here

Former Hospital Site - Community Consultation - September 28th

Progress continues on the redevelopment of the former hospital site. In June, Town Council endorsed a master plan for the lands and in July interior demolition got underway on site. Join residents at an open house at Town Hall on September 28th at 7 p.m. to get the latest updates on the project and take part in one of two consultation sessions from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. or 7 to 9 p.m. to provide input on preliminary conceptual designs for the new community centre and potential uses for the park. Moving ahead, a number of Planning Act approvals are necessary in order for the redevelopment to proceed including official plan and zoning amendments, and draft plan of subdivision/site plan approvals. On October 11th at 7 p.m. join the Planning and Development Council at Town Hall for a public meeting. More information here OLRA Fall Newsletter - Call For Writers Your Board of Directors has begun regular meetings including planning for our next newsletter. We've had such positive response to our newsletter that we'd like to continue with more involvement from all of you. We are seeking people to write short articles for the newsletter. In particular, we would love to hear your heritage house story. If you'd be willing to write, we would include your story and pictures or send a photographer to take pictures. If you have other ideas for interesting articles and would like to contribute, we'd love to hear that too. Thank you from your OLRA Board of Directors