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Taking Action for Heritage


OLRA Heritage Working Group

Overview of Block Analysis


The current Old Oakville Heritage District Plan contains an analysis of the character of the area using a block analysis approach which is designed to identify the character of the visual blocks within the District.  The breakdown by Block provides a more intimate examination of the District and the diversity of the character that exists within the overall boundaries of the District itself. 


The OLRA Working Group has reached a conclusion that the Block Analysis continues to be an important way in which to describe the various parts of the District, their unique characteristics and how the collection of Blocks individually and collectively add to the overall character of the Old Oakville Heritage District. Review the Block Analysis here.  Please note: There is no Block 7

The OLRA Working Group has completed a review of the current plan and other reference documents to identify features that contribute to the character of the area.  This analysis has been completed by block and provided to the Town as input.

The analysis includes two parts:

  • Overall Streetscape for each Block (included on the website in its entirety - here)

  • Built Inventory which speaks to every property within the District boundaries (two examples of which are available below)

Take Action!


We invite you to review this work and provide your comments and input. 

In addition, if you are interested in seeing the information that has been gathered for your specific property, please reach out and we will be happy to share this with you. Two samples are included below

You can reach the OLRA Heritage Working Group by


Sample Heritage Property Descriptions

Built Heritage Example - 65 Navy Street.jpg

Built by William J. Sumner (for whom Sumner Street is named) during the mid 1830s.

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Built Heritage Example - TOWARF Building.jpg

The Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force was established in 1954  after a tragic boating accident claimed the lives of three Sea Scouts

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