OLRA 2021 General Meeting - November 4th

Updating Our Bylaws

At the last Annual General Meeting, a task force was established to create a Governance Working Group made up of members of the Oakville Lakeside Residents Association, to review and update our Bylaws and other governing documents to reflect fundamental governance principles, including how to deal with conflicts of interests. As a result, the Governance Working Group is submitting two documents to the membership for their consideration.

  • A Guidelines Document including A Mission Statement (building on our objects in our Letters Patent) and Guiding Principles of Conduct; and

  • Updated Bylaws.

Guidelines Document


This Guidelines Document will guide the Organization and its Directors to ensure openness, consultation and transparency in how OLRA operates. It contains a Mission Statement which builds on our Objects, which are contained in our Letters Patent, sections on Inclusivity and Engagement, Integrity and Transparency, and the Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest. A link to the document entitled “Our Mission and Guiding Principles of Conduct” can be found here.


Bylaws Update

The Governance Working Group also reviewed and updated the OLRA Bylaws to better deal with conflicts of interests, and to make some changes to modernize how meetings can be held, how notices of meetings can be sent, and a few other clean up changes. While the Bylaws always dealt with conflicts of interests of directors in a very narrow way, in what is now proposed, it is clearer that conflicts need not just be about contracts with OLRA but could be any kind of matter where a director’s duty and his or her personal interest might conflict or be perceived as conflicting. These kinds of conflicts need to be disclosed early and the director should refrain from participating or influencing the matter at hand while the conflict remains or until the matter has concluded. A director must follow the Bylaws and the Guiding Principles of Conduct in this regard. Failure to do so could result in removal of the director by a vote of the Membership in accordance with the Bylaw.


The working group has suggested other clean up and modernization changes, which are summarized below:

  1. Removal of Executive Committee as that structure has never been used and isn’t appropriate for a resident’s association and a volunteer board.

  2. Directors’ meetings may be held electronically or by telephone so long as all members can communicate simultaneously.

  3. Membership dues must be paid in full within one month of joining as a member or that member will cease being a member.

  4. While meeting in person is always the preferred method of members meeting, in the event of a public health crisis or other government emergency orders, which limit the number of people able to gather in person, members meetings (annual or general) may be held virtually by electronic or other means so long as the method chosen allows members to have appropriate interactions and give feedback and vote on the business of the meeting. The Ontario government’s emergency order, which allowed this for our latest Annual Meeting held in May has expired and that is why we need to put this change directly into our Bylaws.

  5. Notice of meetings of members (annual or general) may be given by email in addition to the mail and personal delivery.

  6. The financial year-end of OLRA is December 31 of any year instead of October 31, which aligns with how the organization has been preparing its financial statements.

A link to the full text of the Bylaws with proposed changes shown to the existing Bylaws is attached here.


We welcome any questions or comments you may have and encourage you to send them in in advance of the meeting (email: oakvillelakesidera@gmail.com), however, questions will be taken from the floor as well at the General Meeting to be held on November 4, 2021.


A special thank you to members of the Governance Working Group:

Chris Stoate

Stephen Hodd

Geoff Goddard (board member rep)

Patricia McTavish

Anita Mackey

How It Works





Review the material on this page

Check your membership status and renew if applicable

Plan to join the General Meeting on November 4th at 7pm. An email will be sent to all active members with a zoom link prior to the meeting

Join the meeting, ask questions, provide input and vote

OLRA Membership

Yearly membership is $25 per household (or $40 for a two-year membership). These funds enable us to keep you informed about changes and issues within the neighbourhood.


Membership is normally applied as of May 1st for the year. For this special meeting, renewals between October 15 - November 4, 2021 will be active until May 2023 for a 1 year renewal and until 2024 for a 2 year renewal. 

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support !