OLRA 2020 "Virtual" Annual General Meeting

President's Report

This year our AGM looks different than any we have known in our association’s history. We made the decision in March this year to delay our traditional spring AGM until the fall. Well, fall is here, and we are still not in a position to hold an in-person meeting. Our Board decided that Zoom burn-out is a real thing and that a Virtual AGM via email and this online page would be the progressive choice.

The Board of directors is made up of volunteers and I would like to thank them once again all for their time this year. You can find the names of our Board members below.

At our January Board meeting, we had a special presentation from Heritage Oakville on the Oakville Harbour Cultural Heritage Landscape Study, which is looking into a designation for the harbour area. After our January meeting, we switched to Zoom meetings for the balance of the season.

With the advent of COVID-19, we published our newsletter early this spring to get new and COVID-19 specific information out to our membership early and quickly. Our concern was that not everyone has access to email, and we wanted messages being sent by the Town to reach as many of our resident’s as possible. As always, we deliver our newsletter to every home within our district whether or not they are members. We hope that those that have enjoyed our publication will consider joining us or continue to renew their membership. Membership renewal and signup information are available here.

We made the decision to cancel our Summer Garden Party for 2020 but we are hopeful that this can return for Summer 2021.

Despite the pandemic, big projects continued for our neighbourhood as the Downtown Streetscape project progresses on schedule, with the first block from Allan Street to Reynolds Street already complete. We continue to be disappointed by the size of the trees that have replaced the beautiful mature trees that gracefully disguised some of the challenged architecture down the east end of the high street. But we are assured by Town staff that the smaller trees will grow faster and better than larger ones, and especially so with the new Silva Cell technology for the root systems. Only time will tell.

A soft-opening of the new Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre is planned for September 19th with by appointment fitness and gym uses as well as some COVID-safe activities. The pool liner installation is slightly delayed. An official opening is being planned for October.

We were very pleased to see the return of the PXO cross-walk at Robinson Street and George Street for, access to and from the Town Square.

The Town Square re-vitalization is still on hold after the discovery of unidentified infrastructure. The latest idea is that any work will be undertaken off-season to ensure continuity of use during patio season – especially critical during the pandemic.

The Province announced early this year that as a result of the Municipal Government Review they would not be seeking to make any changes to the municipal system including no amalgamations. This was a huge success for the Board and volunteers of the We Love Oakville campaign. We were told that our letter-writing campaign to the province and our public outreach had a major impact on the decision. The province had never received so many letters on any single issue. The vast majority of the letters came from Oakville residents.

The Mayor was so pleased with our efforts that he awarded the We Love Oakville Board members the first-ever ‘Key to the Town’ award. Amanda Holden and I were delighted to be recognized on behalf of our Board, but also very relieved with the decision to see an end to the proposal for amalgamation in Halton.

Your OLRA Board continues to meet monthly through the non-summer months to discuss and action local and current issues. You can expect to see our full Fall Newsletter shortly with further updates.


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